Economic Sustainability of Argan Oil

The export of argan oil allows Morocco to reach its economic goals in a sustainable way. But economic success and sustainable production can only be achieved if governments and organizations such as BOUF cosmetics work with locals to provide support and resources

UNESCO protected trees are largely maintained by the local population.

Unsustainable over-farming does still occur. While some farming communities only pick fallen fruits, some whack the tree to make the fruits fall prematurely. Some locals will also cut down trees to use for firewood and building material

Moroccan people in argan regions rely on their local forests for their livelihood, food, and shelter. Without proper economic support, such as fair and living wages, they will have the tendency to overexploiting the ground and trees.

BOUF Cosmetics want to end the cutting of protected trees, pay the locals fairly and to empower them to protect their forests in a sustainable way.