Our argan oil can reduce inflammation, soothe pain, promote healing, and restore your skin’s natural beauty.

Because of its vitamins and antioxidants qualities, argan oil can also help prevent stretch marks and perhaps even reduce their appearance. It increases the skin’s elasticity due to its Vitamin E content, making it ideal for anyone who is battling stretch marks due to pregnancy, weight gain/loss, bodybuilding, or puberty. Prevention is key, so if you suspect that you may develop stretch marks, start using argan oil as an all-over body moisturizer after showering.

How to use
Use about 2-3 drops per body part.

Massage the oil warmly between your palms, creating warmth to the oil makes the oil soak up easily and quicker.

Spread the oil gently over the skin and rub it well into the

Pay extra attention to the dryer parts of the skin, such as
the elbows, knees and heels.

Let the oil soak in for a few minutes before putting on your clothes.

Can be used before and after shaving, our argan oil doesn’t clog the pores.