Social Sustainability of Argan Oil

Before the argan oil, it was unusual for women to work outside of the home, or for their children to receive an education. Women of the family usually picked up the argan oil and produced the oil just like Noor’s grandmother, while the men went to the market to sell it.

There is now increase in the volume of the argan oil that comes from female operated cooperatives.
The money earned in these cooperatives funds health care, education and environmental projects. These initiatives help in issues as reforestation and education on sustainable farming. Some schemes exist that aren’t co-op based but do pay women fair wages. And of course, at the other end of the scale, there are still companies that exploit workers in the argan supply-chain. You as a buyer can choose between cheap, faked argan oil or purchase the premium quality only. Who are you going to support?

It’s our duty to protect those women. Let’s make it happen.