What is argan oil?

The authentic argan oil is a hand pressed, vegetable, greasy oil from argan nuts, growing on argan trees. The Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) only grows in the southern part of Morocco.
The tree is very rare and is even protected by UNESCO because of its rarity.
The tree can stand the very high regional temperatures and reaches ages up to 250 years.
It also plays an important role in the ecological and economical balance in the region.
In spring the argan tree blooms and the fruits (nuts) will turn from green to yellow (ripping on the tree for one year) to finally fall on the ground. This is the moment the nuts are picked.

During centuries the oil was an exclusive secret of the Moroccan women.
The women used it mainly for caring and treating their hair, skin, nails and for other purposes.
The nuts of the argan trees are cracked by hand and pressed in a handpress, to get the oil out. It takes 30 kgs. of nuts and 10 hrs. of labor to produce only 1 liter. of the finest Premium argan oil.
This labor-intensive effort indicates the great value of the final product.

Only the fully ripped nuts should be used for pressing, that is essential. That guarantees the highest concentration of essential active substances. Roasting of the nuts is disastrous for the quality of the oil. Serious producers would never do that. Only the cold pressing method should be used instead of hot pressing. Hot pressing ruins the quality of the essential ingredients.
Like grapes in the vineyard there is a first pressing. Only the first pressing delivers the best quality of the active substances and may be called Premium Quality.
Fresh produced argan oil is stored in a cold and dark place awaiting the further production process

Cosmetic argan oil is non-odorless, or might have a very slight nutty odor, the refining process takes away the heavy nutty odor which is typical for non-refined argan oil. Nevertheless, the refining process does not affect the active substances.
The color of the oil after refining is transparent gold yellow.
There is a culinary argan oil as well, but that one is of course not suitable for cosmetic purposes.

The cosmetic argan oil regenerates, restores and hydrates the skin. It helps the renewal of the skins cell structure and takes care of more elasticity of the skin. This makes it a phenomenal skin oil that diminishes wrinkles. It makes hair beautiful and shining again.

Argan oil contains a lot of active substances.
The most important are the saturated fatty acids, at least 20% is found in the argan oil.

Here is the list of the major fatty acids and the explanation what these will do to your skin.
Palmitic acid – anti micro biotic, protects the skin for infections.
Stearic acid – moisturizing, prevents the formation of wrinkles.
Oleic acid (Omega-9, unsaturated fatty acid) – positive effect on cholesterol and the forming of new skin cells. Makes the skin soft, strong, and shining again.
Linolic acid (Omega-6) – helps in fighting skin infections and- diseases, like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.