The story begins with Noor’s grandmother Hasna. A traditional Moroccan woman, born in 1933, living in the rural area where the Argania Spinosa (Argan) grows.
Her grandmother always believed that beauty comes from within, but: she understood that the use of natural ingredients helped women to be pretty and healthy as well.
Noor wants to continue her grandmother’s legacy; by sharing her secret with you, although argan is no secret at all. Argan can be produced in two ways, handmade or factory made. BOUF Cosmetics only uses handmade oil.
Only the handmade production process guarantees that all the valuable ingredients are kept active and alive, to get a 100% pure argan oil.

As a child, Noor spent many magical holidays at her grandmother’s house in the southern region of Morocco, where she was introduced to the beauty and strengths of the argan oil. In addition to that, Noor’s grandmother always took her to the goats and introduced her to these friendly animals.
When she finished playing, and Hasna had finished collecting the argan nuts they would go back home and start making oil. Some oil would be for beauty, and some would be for cooking. Either way it had all the vitamins and antioxidants they needed. Hasna told her granddaughter passionately about the many good things Argan offers. She taught Noor to always take care of her hair and skin. Noor went through the typical Nana treatment, a handmade hair- and facial mask. As a child she had no idea what was going on, but as an adult Noor couldn’t be happier with the childhood treatment her late Nana would give her.

BOUF cosmetics is a brand founded in 2019 by the creative direction of Noor Boufrach, a woman born and raised in the Netherlands with Moroccan roots.
BOUF are the first four letters of Noor’s last name.
She explicitly wanted to use her last name as an ode to her late father. BOUF a name resembling the entrepreneur’s family where Noor comes from. From Essaouira, Agadir and Marrakech to Rabat and Meknes. The family shares a farm with community members where argan has been blooming for 3 generations.
This cosmetic brand has a classic style and a timeless story.
Focusing on high manufacturing quality and sustainability. The ingredients are handled with special care and knowledge.

Having realized how beneficial their community homemade argan liquid gold oil was to her hair, skin and nails, she is ready to share this with you.

Our first exclusive presented product is an argan liquid gold oil that; can be used for hair, skin, and nails.