Pure argan oil has a healing power to restore the vitality of stressed nails.
Strengthens, repairs, and feeds damaged and split nails. Soothes damaged cuticles around the nails.
Keeps the nails strong and healthy.
Contributes to natural healthy nail-growth of new upcoming nails and prevents nail diseases such as nail fungus.

How to use
Remove all polish with nail polish remover and a cotton ball.

File your nails.

Carefully trim any excess cuticles.

Apply argan oil to your cuticles.

Massage the argan oil into your nails. This will help nourish them and eliminate dry and brittle nails.

For nails that are especially dry or brittle, soak them in argan oil for 15 minutes to allow the oil to absorb in your nails.

Can be used on artificial nails, but the benefits will only apply on the cuticles.