Intense scalp comb


Bouf Cosmetics bamboo comb comes from Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian bamboo grows in an enviromentally and sustainable forest. The forest is an social and economical project. It is supplying FSC certified bamboo to the customers.
The bamboo is sourced in three different area’s. The community bamboo, forest bamboo and plantation bamboo.

The plant is extremely versatile. The bamboo can be used for everything from furniture to paper and in our case, we designed a comb that goes very well with our Moroccan argan oil.

Bamboo is a great material to work with. It is strong and will only take a minimum of maintenance.
You can treat bamboo through a chemical process, which primarily uses borax and synthetic wood sealers. But why use chemicals, if you can keep your comb strong and in shape by just using it for combing your hair with Argan oil, the natural method.
This comb is perfect for the intens scalp treatment by Noor Boufrach.

Have a look at our how to use page.

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